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Our Best Stories of 2018

As this year draws to a close, so does Britain’s membership of the EU. A “hard” Brexit looks likely, unless politicians belatedly recognize that the deal Theresa May has negotiated is the best on offer.

In continental Europe, Emmanuel Macron is weakened at home and struggling to win support for ambitious EU reforms in Brussels. The migration crisis has gone, but the political center still needs to come up with better policies.

On both sides of the Atlantic, center-left parties must decide whether to woo working-class voters or side with the socially progressive middle class. The lesson from Europe is that either strategy can work — but social democrats need to pick a side.

Brazil has elected its own version of Donald Trump. The fear is that Jair Bolsonaro will face even less resistance from institutions than the American caudillo. Read more

Introducing Transatlantic News and Opinion Roundups

I’ve been experimenting with a new format to share news and links: daily roundups of the most important stories from Europe and North America, usually with links to analysis and opinion elsewhere. Follow the News tag to find the latest installments. Read more

Trust in Institutions: Atlantic Sentinel Reading List

After writing yesterday’s editorial, about Republican attacks on the American FBI, it occurred to me we’ve published more than a few stories about declining trust in institutions and what this means for Western democracy. So I’ve added a tag, trust in institutions, to help you find those stories more easily. Read more

New Sidebar, More Minimalistic Layout

Regular readers will know by now I can’t help but tinker with the website every one or two months.

My goal is always to make the site as minimalistic as possible without hurting usability: draw your eye to the content but have all the tools you need to navigate at your fingertips. I think this update does that. Read more

Our Best Stories of 2017

2017 was marked by the aftermath of the political upsets of 2016: Brexit got started, Donald Trump was sworn in as president and “globalists” were left wondering where it had all gone wrong.

The intellectual and political debate that ensued clarified things. My own conclusion: we are living through the latest battle in the war between Enlightenment universalism and Romantic nationalism. The politics and the policies have changed, but the underlying tension — between liberty and community, between opportunity and equality, between city and country — is the same it has been for centuries.

Most of our top stories from 2017, from Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party to the political realignment in France, have to do with this tension in one way or another.

Here is an overview. Read more

Our Catalan Election Day Live Blog and Reading List

View of the Palau Nacional in Barcelona, Spain, March 17, 2011
View of the Palau Nacional in Barcelona, Spain, March 17, 2011 (Mark Turner)

On Thursday, the Atlantic Sentinel will be providing live analysis and commentary of the election in Catalonia.

In addition to updating you on the results, our focus will be on analysis and opinion. We’ll be reading the local, European and international coverage of the election and share (and where necessary translate) interesting takes for you.

I hope you’ll join us! We’ll kick off around noon Central European Time. Read more