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Comments Reopened and Design Update

Comments are back and the site gets a new look.

Nick Ottens

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Nick Ottens

You can comment on our stories again!

I closed comments a few years ago, when we received a lot of spam as well as comments I didn’t want to publish. There are better spam protections now and I enjoy debate. Those of you who follow the Atlantic Sentinel know I am concerned about the future of liberal democracy, which I believe is under attack from the left, by social-justice fanatics, and the right, by authoritarians and reactionaries. The remedy isn’t cancel culture or ostracism, but engaging in a free and frank exchange of views, in good faith, and being willing to listen.

If I believe that, I ought to practice what I preach.

That doesn’t mean anything goes. This isn’t a town square. It’s my website and I tone-police. If you think the only reason we could possibly disagree is that I, or one of my contributors, is Dutch, a European leftie, a racist or paid by a country or political party, then don’t bother. Similarly if you believe the best way to persuade people is to pepper your arguments with insults. If you think that’s unfair, may I suggest Twitter?

You’ll also notice a design update. I’ve switched to the Schism theme for WordPress by Evolve, an Italian company. It’s not that different from our previous look except it moves the title and summary to the left on bigger screens and has additional functionalities, including sharing buttons in the sidebar and an additional menu in the footer.

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