Comments Are Back

You can comment on our stories again.

I closed comments a few years ago, when we received a lot of spam as well as comments I didn’t want to publish. There are better spam protections now and I enjoy debate. Those of you who follow the Atlantic Sentinel know I am concerned about the future of liberal democracy, which I believe is under attack from the left, by social-justice fanatics, and the right, by authoritarians and reactionaries. The remedy isn’t cancel culture or ostracism, but engaging in a free and frank exchange of views, in good faith, and being willing to listen.

If I believe that, I ought to practice what I preach.

That doesn’t mean anything goes. This isn’t a town square. It’s my website and I tone-police. If you think the only reason we could possibly disagree is that I, or one of my contributors, is Dutch, a European leftie, a racist or paid by a country or political party, then don’t bother. Similarly if you believe the best way to persuade people is to pepper your arguments with insults. If you think that’s unfair, may I suggest Twitter?