What the Atlantic Sentinel Has Planned for Election Day

The Atlantic Sentinel will provide up-the-minute analysis and commentary when America votes.

White House Washington
Aerial view of the White House in Washington DC (Shutterstock/Vivvi Smak)

On Tuesday, when America votes, we at the Atlantic Sentinel will be providing you with live analysis and commentary about the election.

I know you will have many sources to choose from that day to keep up with the news. Just about every network and newspaper will have running coverage into the night.

So why do I think you should add us to your reading list?

What makes us different

Let me start with what we won’t be doing.

We won’t be competing with the major news outlets to bring you the latest. We won’t be reporting every turnout figure, nor every result down to the congressional district level. I know that’s not what you come here for (and others have the experience and resources to do that much better).

What you come here for is not the sort of “breaking news” that looks spectacular at the moment but is actually not all that important in the long term. Nor did you come here chasing screaming headlines or because you’re only interested in what’s happening in your corner of the world.

What you get from the Atlantic Sentinel is a calm, reasonable and transatlantic perspective on the news.

We take the long view. We always try to see different sides. And we believe that the culture and politics of Europe and North America are similar enough that events on one side of the Atlantic tend to reverberate on the other — and that we can learn from each others’ experiences.

Our plan for election day

Here’s how that translates into our election day coverage:

We’ll look at the election from an international perspective. Donald Trump’s insurgency, after all, has a lot in common with nativist movements in Europe. The struggle between his populist nationalism and the cosmopolitan globalism that many Democrats share is also taking place in countries like France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Whoever succeeds Barack Obama is bound to have a major impact on the rest of the world. The American president always does.

We will have a team of contributors from Europe and North America, sharing their insights with you through election day and into election night.

Some will be familiar faces; others may be new to you. They have all written about politics and international relations for some years. They are all incredibly intelligent people whose opinions I respect. They’re not partisans, but independent thinkers: from liberal Democrats to Trump sympathizers, with the majority — including me — somewhere in between.

We won’t be hiding our opinions from you. We’ll be upfront about them. You already know the Atlantic Sentinel as a whole has endorsed Hillary Clinton, but there were some dissenting views (and some stronger views as well!) that may come out on election day.

Finally, we are interested in hearing from you, the reader. The Atlantic Sentinel is not a big news site. You won’t find hundreds of comments on our articles, where your own get lost in the crowd’s. Interact with us here, or on Twitter, and you’re liable to actually get a response.

I hope you will join us. We’ll start at 9 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday and won’t stop until all the votes have been counted.