The Government Boot on Your Doctor’s Neck

We live in an age when the Secretary of the Interior and the White House Press Secretary proudly and publicly proclaim that they will keep their “boot on the neck” of an oil company. This new manifestation of “hope” and “change” is ominous at a time when the government is rapidly escalating its involvement and […]

Redeeming Reform

Richard Ralston wonders whether Americans should sit back and watch the last of their freedoms waste away or do something.

Paul Ryan’s Radicalism

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin stubbornly persists in his crusade for free-market capitalism though criticism of his “Roadmap for America’s Future” is fierce. In February, Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag deconstructed Ryan’s plans, stating that although they address long-term fiscal problems, many lawmakers might find them “objectionable” because, as Politico put it, […]

The Price of Obamacare

Surprise, surprise, health-care reform is going to cost corporate America dearly. The Wall Street Journal reports that telephone giant AT&T is among the first businesses to announce multimillion dollar writedowns solely due to the health bill. “The corporate damage rolls in, and Democrats are shocked!” writes the paper. To make health-care reform appear financially responsible, […]

Profits Are for People

Those who advocate for government controls in medicine cry, “People, not profits.” They say profits are unacceptable in medicine because our health is so important. But it is precisely because our health is so important that profits must be vigorously defended. If quality health care disappears for Americans, it will have been killed by the […]

Public Option Still an Option

The health-care reform bill must to back to the House for a revote. Democratic lawmakers in the Senate now have the possibility of including a public option after all.

State Lawmakers Debate States’ Rights

Since the recent Federal Universal Healthcare Legislation has been made into quasi-law, state governments have been taking a stand for their constituents arguing that it is unconstitutional to force citizens to pay a penalty for refusing to participate in the federal health-care program. This includes states that Barack Obama both won and lost in the […]

States Fighting Health Care Bill

Health care reform may have passed through Congress but individual states are lining up to contest its constitutionality, in court, if need be. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia was the first to announce on Monday that he will file a legal challenge as soon as the president signs the reconciliation bill into law. Cuccinelli’s […]