The Government Boot on Your Doctor’s Neck

We live in an age when the Secretary of the Interior and the White House Press Secretary proudly and publicly proclaim that they will keep their “boot on the neck” of an oil company. This new manifestation of “hope” and “change” is ominous at a time when the government is rapidly escalating its involvement and […]

Redeeming Reform

Richard Ralston wonders whether Americans should sit back and watch the last of their freedoms waste away or do something.

Profits Are for People

Those who advocate for government controls in medicine cry, “People, not profits.” They say profits are unacceptable in medicine because our health is so important. But it is precisely because our health is so important that profits must be vigorously defended. If quality health care disappears for Americans, it will have been killed by the […]

The Summit of Fantasy

The president’s summit on health care revealed major schisms between public policy and reality. Those who feel that they must keep repeating to Americans that their health care is “broken” overlook a more fundamental problem. Most Americans, based on a lifetime of experience, don’t think the medicine practiced by their own physician is broken. So […]