No Party or Bloc Wins Majority in Spain

Catalan and other regional parties hold the balance of power.

  • Neither the left nor the right has won a majority in Spain. Catalan and other regional parties will hold the balance of power in the new Congress.
  • The only options for a majority government are a grand coalition of the center-left Socialists (PSOE) and center-right People’s Party (PP), which has never been tried, or a coalition of left-wing and regional parties.
  • The Socialists remain the largest party, although they are down three seats. This will be a disappointment to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who called the election in hopes of breaking the deadlock in Congress.
  • He is expected to try to form a minority government.

Congress of Deputies results

176 seats needed for a majority

Senate results

133 seats needed for a majority


  • The Citizens gambled they could replace the People’s Party as the largest on the right and lost.
  • Spaniards better get used to multiparty democracy. They are right to demand more than a left-or-right choice, but they need to accept that means the outcome will often be something in the middle.