French Socialists Nominate Far-Left Hamon for Presidency

Benoît Hamon defeats the former prime minister, Manuel Valls.

  • French Socialists nominated Benoît Hamon, a former education minister, as their presidential candidate on Sunday.
  • Hamon got 58 percent support in a second voting round against 41 percent for his opponent, the former prime minister Manuel Valls.
  • Hamon is to the left of the party. His policies include the legalization of marijuana and the introduction of a universal basic income.

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  1. Your suggestion that Bernie Sanders voters in America saw little risk in voting for him as opposed to Hillary is flat out wrong!

    Sanders supporters saw ahead of time that Hillary was a vulnerable candidate and couldn’t beat Trump in a national election. Just that nobody was willing to listen and wanted to stay the course with the neoliberal agenda, which is slowly but surely destroying the working class of the country.

    You are right to say he couldn’t win a national election — because he wasn’t presented the opportunity to do so, not because he couldn’t have actually won.

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