Trump Defeats Clinton in Unexpectedly Close Election

Republicans also defend their majorities in Congress.

  • Americans have chosen Republican businessman Donald Trump to succeed Barack Obama as president. Trump won 306 electoral votes with 46 percent support against 232 electoral votes and 48 percent support for Democrat Hillary Clinton.
  • Clinton fell short in key states, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
  • Republicans also defended their majorities in Congress. They are projected to win 236 seats in the House of Representatives, where 218 are needed for a majority, and 51 seats in the Senate.

Presidential results

232 Clinton Trump 306

270 electoral votes needed to win. States where the margin of victory was under 10 percent highlighted.

Congressional results








Democrats 188 194 44 46
Independents 0 0 2 2
Republicans 247 241 54 52


  • David Downing: This election redraws the political map of the United States.
  • Boris Ryvkin: The emerging nationalist challenge to the post-national consensus has achieved its most important victory to date.
  • András Tóth-Czifra: There is palpable anxiety about Trump’s victory in Europe.

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