Rand Paul, Jack Conway Debate

In Kentucky’s Senate race, the Democratic state attorney general is struggling against popular Tea Party candidate Rand Paul.

Republicans Unlikely to Win Back Congress

Republicans have high hopes for November’s midterm elections for Congress and for good reason. The president and his party are deeply unpopular with moderate and conservative voters, in spite or rather because of their push for health care and financial reform; monumental legislations which the opposition has been able to taint as unprecedented government takeovers. […]

All Anger on the Republican Front

The Democrats may be falling in the polls and President Barack Obama is certainly unpopular but the Republicans have no reason to take their newfound success for granted. On the contrary. The party has now to stop boasting and define its vision of twenty-first century conservatism lest it risk being thrown into the opposition again […]

Republicans Should Stop Boasting

The Republican Party may be doing well in the polls but it is still very much without direction. Different brands of conservatism continue to compete for the favor of that frustrated voter, the stereotypical angry white male. Since the Tea Parties appeared on the scene, Republicans have been looking for ways to co-opt their Obama […]