The Second of November

With Tea Parties and Republican opposition continuing to mount and President Barack Obama’s approval rating hovering near 50 percent, the United States are preparing for a “summer of discontent” that in all likelihood will culminate in a series of crushing defeats for the ruling party in November. The fight for the midterm elections is not […]

Another Paul for Congress

The United States Congress may very well rank another pro-capitalist lawmaker among its numbers this fall as Rand Paul is leading in the polls to claim retiring Senator Jim Bunning’s Kentucky seat. Paul is a son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s who is known for his unwavering opposition to “big government.” He officially announced his […]

Obama’s Spring Offensive

With health-care reform passed, the Obama Administration is gearing up to tackle the next item on its agenda: financial reform. The president is expected to push Congress in the coming weeks, hoping to have some progress to show for by the fall when the midterm elections are set to ravish the country’s political landscape. Treasury […]

The Midterms of 2010

Four years after regaining control of the House of Representatives and two years after winning a supermajority in the Senate, the Democrats are hard pressed to defend their position in the 2010 midterm elections for Congress. The overwhelming rejection of Bush era Republicanism has quickly evaporated. The opposition was able to recover in the polls […]

Get Rid of Reid

David Rothkopf explains why the Democrats should replace their Senate Majority Leader. In spite of a ten vote majority, Reid hasn’t been able to get anything done.