All Anger on the Republican Front

The Democrats may be falling in the polls and President Barack Obama is certainly unpopular but the Republicans have no reason to take their newfound success for granted. On the contrary. The party has now to stop boasting and define its vision of twenty-first century conservatism lest it risk being thrown into the opposition again […]

Republicans Should Stop Boasting

The Republican Party may be doing well in the polls but it is still very much without direction. Different brands of conservatism continue to compete for the favor of that frustrated voter, the stereotypical angry white male. Since the Tea Parties appeared on the scene, Republicans have been looking for ways to co-opt their Obama […]

The Second of November

With Tea Parties and Republican opposition continuing to mount and President Barack Obama’s approval rating hovering near 50 percent, the United States are preparing for a “summer of discontent” that in all likelihood will culminate in a series of crushing defeats for the ruling party in November. The fight for the midterm elections is not […]

GOP Taking Cues from Wall Street?

President Barack Obama was unusually defiant in his weekly televised address this Saturday, attacking special interests and “their allies in Washington” for resisting financial reform. The recession, according to the president, was caused by the financial industry. Indeed, it could have been avoided “if Wall Street firms were more accountable, if financial dealings were more […]

Another Paul for Congress

The United States Congress may very well rank another pro-capitalist lawmaker among its numbers this fall as Rand Paul is leading in the polls to claim retiring Senator Jim Bunning’s Kentucky seat. Paul is a son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s who is known for his unwavering opposition to “big government.” He officially announced his […]

Paul Ryan’s Radicalism

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin stubbornly persists in his crusade for free-market capitalism though criticism of his “Roadmap for America’s Future” is fierce. In February, Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag deconstructed Ryan’s plans, stating that although they address long-term fiscal problems, many lawmakers might find them “objectionable” because, as Politico put it, […]

Parties on the Verge of Collapse

Right-wing commentators have repeatedly opined that the United States Democratic Party is pursuing a radical left-wing agenda that is undermining its appeal with moderate voters. On the left, a similar argument is made against the Republican Party now. On his Fox News show earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly urged Democratic leaders to understand that “the […]

Congress Goes Nuclear

Republicans go about Washington infuriated these days. Their opposite numbers in Congress are proposing a little-used parliamentary procedure known as reconciliation to pass a final health-care reform bill. Reconciliation, say Republicans, isn’t supposed to be used for “regular” lawmaking. Right-wing commentators are similarly outraged and refer to reconciliation as “the nuclear option.” Is it? Reconciliation […]

The Return of True Conservatism

On the eve of the Conservative Political Action Committee gathering in Washington DC this Wednesday, over eighty conservative leaders led by former US Attorney General Edwin Meese unveiled a manifesto reaffirming the principles of what they call “constitutional conservatism.” The Mount Vernon Statement is a twenty-first century appreciation of the conscience of America’s Founders. The […]

Republican Hypocrisy At Its Best

Republican legislators who have publicly been denouncing the Obama Administration’s stimulus measures as fiscally irresponsible privately sought to obtain stimulus money for their home states.