Mitch Daniels for President?

The Indiana governor is a small government conservative who may be able to challenge President Obama in the 2012 election.

Sarah Palin’s Fanaticism

No matter her popularity with voters on the right, Sarah Palin’s religious fanaticism utterly disqualifies her for high political office.

Republican Resolution on Iran May Just Be Political

My colleague Nick Ottens already touched upon this story yesterday, but because of the issue’s tremendous importance to the United States and the Middle East at large, I thought it would be appropriate to toss a few things into the debate. In case you happened to miss Nick’s report, a substantial portion of the Republican […]

Republicans Unlikely to Win Back Congress

Republicans have high hopes for November’s midterm elections for Congress and for good reason. The president and his party are deeply unpopular with moderate and conservative voters, in spite or rather because of their push for health care and financial reform; monumental legislations which the opposition has been able to taint as unprecedented government takeovers. […]