Have a Commercial Christmas!

The Pope would rather we look beyond the holiday’s “superficial glitter” and find meaning in the simplicity of Christ’s birth.

Selfish India

India doesn’t seem to care much about the floods wrecking havoc in neighboring Pakistan. It has every right not to.

Apple, AT&T and Antitrust

In California, a federal judge has ruled that an antitrust class action suit can proceed against Apple and AT&T. What have those companies done to warrant being hauled into court? Basically, they agreed to sell only “locked” iPhones. A locked phone is one that works only on a specific mobile network — in this case, […]

The Proper Size of Government

A common charge voiced against libertarians is that they should promote social and political anarchy. “Why don’t you move to Somalia?” critics wonder about proponents of limited government as though the poor East African country were a textbook example of a free society. Such rancor misses the point entirely. Laissez-faire doesn’t prosper in lawlessness. A […]