One Missile To Wreck Them All

Fears of a Chinese “carrier killer” missile ignore the realities of China’s foreign policy and America’s overwhelming military force.

Britain, France Teaming Up on Defense

As all of Europe braces for spending cuts, Britain and France are preparing to examine whether and how they might be able to work more closely together in the area of defense. French Defense Minister Hervé Morin described the venture as “a very ambitious operation” in parliament last month. According to Morin, the new Liberal-Conservative […]

Still Ready to Fight the Reds

While the Obama Administration is seeking to cut several billions in defense spending, an independent review panel last week determined that the United States are inadequately preparing for future warfare. Does the American military really need more of everything though? The Independent Quadrennial Defense Review Panel, chaired by former defense secretary William Perry and former […]

Spending Cuts Ahead for UK Armed Forces

Britain has to cut and it has to cut dearly. Along with tax hikes, the new Liberal-Conservative government is preparing to slash public spending across the board in order to restore balance to the budget. The armed forces, having suffered budget cut after budget cut in the preceding years, won’t manage to escape this renewed […]

The Man Who Will Save UK Defense

Like most world nations, faced with massive debt and unemployment, Great Britain is currently planning deep cuts in government expenditure to balance the budget. Not surprisingly, many of these will fall on the military, already greatly strained with replacing Cold War era weapons stocks, while at the same time fighting an ongoing counterinsurggency in Afghanistan. […]