Is a Cyber Attack a Real Attack?

As the threat of cyber war and cyberterrorism is evermore real in this twenty-first century, traditional military powers and alliances have to find ways to cope with computerized attacks. NATO now ponders returning fire, according to Defense Tech. The group of experts headed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that is rethinking NATO’s […]

Israel Attacks Blockade Runners

The Israeli navy attacked half a dozen ships carrying activists and aid to the Gaza Strip on Monday. Some ten to fourteen people were killed in the confrontation that ensued. Many more were injured. The small flotilla, led by a Turkish ship with some 600 people on board, was carrying pro-Palestinian activists and humanitarian aid […]

NATO After Afghanistan

“NATO is much more than Afghanistan,” former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told the Atlantic Council on May 19. Supreme Allied Commander Admiral Jim Stravidis agreed, noting that although Afghanistan is important, the alliance is a “very, very active” fighting force engaged in missions all over the world. Albright was invited by Secretary General […]

Kandahar Awaits ISAF Offensive

The Taliban claimed responsibility on Sunday for a nighttime assault on NATO’s largest base in southern Afghanistan. In the second such an attack on a major ISAF installation in one week, insurgents launched rockets, mortar fire and automatic weapons while attempting to storm Kandahar Air Field. Foreign Secretary William Hague of the United Kingdom and […]

Trouble in Korea

With American secretary of state Hillary Clinton underway to the East Asia, a crisis is looming in the waters of the Yellow Sea where a South Korean corvette sunk last March, killing 46. South Koreans authorities have ascertained that a North Korean torpedo was responsible for the sinking. The North has denied any involvement, threatening […]

Dutch to Quit JSF?

The Labor Party in the Netherlands supported a parliamentary effort to end Dutch participation in the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

Russian Arms Sales to China Drying Up

Richard Weitz of the conservative Hudson Institute reports that increasingly China is relying on home industries to provide high tech weaponry rather than buying arms from Russia. Since 2001, Russia has sold over $16 billion worth of arms to China, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all major Russian arms sales. In recent years, however, […]

Cold Response

NATO forces exercise north of the Arctic Circle to test cold weather operations and interoperability.

Russian Bombers Penetrate British Airspace

Two weeks ago, two British Tornado F3 fighter aircraft were scrambled from the Royal Air Force base Leuchars, the United Kingdom’s most northerly air defense station, to pursue two Russian Tupolev 160 bombers which were approximately one hundred nautical miles to the west of Stornaway on the northwest coast of Scotland. More than twenty of […]