Open the Borders

Allowing people to move freely across borders is an economic as well as a moral imperative.

Obama’s War on Capitalism

Barack Obama inherited two Middle East wars from his predecessor and countless of struggles labeled as such from the many presidents that came before him, ranging from a critical War on Terror to an endless and largely futile war on drugs. His administration has so far added one notable campaign to this list — a […]

The Second of November

With Tea Parties and Republican opposition continuing to mount and President Barack Obama’s approval rating hovering near 50 percent, the United States are preparing for a “summer of discontent” that in all likelihood will culminate in a series of crushing defeats for the ruling party in November. The fight for the midterm elections is not […]

GOP Taking Cues from Wall Street?

President Barack Obama was unusually defiant in his weekly televised address this Saturday, attacking special interests and “their allies in Washington” for resisting financial reform. The recession, according to the president, was caused by the financial industry. Indeed, it could have been avoided “if Wall Street firms were more accountable, if financial dealings were more […]

Time for Realpolitik in the Near East

The Obama Administration’s Middle East policy appears to have swung from the slightly idealistic to the definitively realistic in recent weeks, with the opposition continuing to denounce the supposed naiveté of the president’s intentions. Barack Obama began his offensive in Cairo, Egypt last year where he called upon the Muslim world to end “the cycle […]

Obama’s Spring Offensive

With health-care reform passed, the Obama Administration is gearing up to tackle the next item on its agenda: financial reform. The president is expected to push Congress in the coming weeks, hoping to have some progress to show for by the fall when the midterm elections are set to ravish the country’s political landscape. Treasury […]