Germany Will Continue to Play Second-Tier Military Role

American fighter jets Germany
Three American F-15s and a German Starfighter jet participate in a NATO exercise over Castle Neuschwanstein in south Germany, September 1, 1982 (USAF/Richard M. Diaz)

When President Donald Trump announced his intention to strike Syria in mid-April, Angela Merkel quickly excluded German participation in the attacks even though she publicly proclaimed support for her allies’ action.

Yet after the airstrikes were conducted by the United States, Britain and France, Germany’s defense minister, Ursula Von der Leyen, said the Bundeswehr could have been taken an active role after all.

Her statement seemed designed to stave off questions about Germany’s military readiness and willingness to support its allies.

Von der Leyen claimed the only reason Germany hadn’t joined the airstrikes was that it hadn’t been asked.

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