Biden Wins American Presidency, Trump Refuses to Concede

Democrats defend their majority in the House, but control of the Senate is still in the balance.

  • Former vice president Joe Biden has defeated incumbent Donald Trump in the American presidential election.
  • Biden won 5.5 million more votes nationwide and an Electoral College majority by flipping Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  • Trump has yet to concede and falsely accused Democrats of “stealing” the election.
  • Most Europeans preferred Biden, but Trump had fans in Central Europe.
  • Democrats defended their majority in the House of Representatives, where all 435 seats were contested. Control of the Senate, where 35 out of 100 seats were contested, is still in the balance. Democrats have gained one seat. Two elections in Georgia, which could give Democrats a majority, go to a runoff in January.

Presidential results

306 Biden Trump 232

270 electoral votes needed to win

Congressional results








Democrats 235 222 45 48
Independents 0 0 2 2
Republicans 199 213 53 50