Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses, Biden Places Second

The socialist from Vermont proves he can win outside predominantly rural and white states.

  • Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic caucuses in Nevada, the most diverse state yet to vote in the presidential nominating contest.
  • Former vice president Joe Biden placed second.
  • Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren did not qualify for delegates.



Nevada results






Sanders 41,075 40.5% 24 45
Biden 19,179 18.9% 9 15
Buttigieg 17,598 17.3% 3 26
Warren 11,703 11.5% 0 8
Klobuchar 7,376 7.3% 0 7
Steyer 4,120 4.1% 0 0

Final-alignment votes from 2,097 precincts. Table does not list candidates who won under 1 percent support. 1,991 delegates needed to win the nomination.


  • Steve Keller: With Sanders likely to win, the real prize for most candidates is a strong second-place finish.
  • Nick Ottens: If all of Sanders’ opponents remain in the race, he could soon amass an insurmountable delegate lead.

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