Buttigieg, Sanders Share First Place in Iowa

Sanders wins the popular vote but splits the delegates with Buttigieg.

  • Democratic presidential hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders tied in the Iowa caucuses on Monday.
  • Sanders won the popular vote but split the delegates with the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
  • Elizabeth Warren placed third, followed by former vice president Joe Biden.
  • President Donald Trump handily won the Republican caucuses, which also took place on Monday.



Iowa results






Sanders 45,842 26.6% 562 12
Buttigieg 43,274 25% 563 14
Warren 34,934 20.2% 388 8
Biden 23,630 13.7% 340 6
Klobuchar 21,121 12.2% 264 1
Yang 1,759 1% 22 0

Final-alignment votes from 1,678 precincts in Iowa and 87 satellite caucuses around the world. Table does not list candidates who won under 1 percent support, nor uncommitted caucusgoers. 1,991 delegates needed to win the nomination.


  • Steve Keller: Buttigieg now needs to start overperforming in places that are far less suited to him than Iowa.
  • Nick Ottens: If Biden doesn’t recover, and Buttigieg underperforms in Nevada and South Carolina, there would be a real opening for Bloomberg.