Conservative Landslide in British Election

A triumph for Boris Johnson and the worst result for Labour since 1935.

  • Britain’s ruling Conservative Party is on track to win its biggest parliamentary majority since 1987.
  • The election on Thursday was the worst for Labour since 1935. Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will resign.
  • Scotland’s National Party is expected to win almost all seats in the region and demanding a second independence referendum.
  • The Liberal Democrats fell short of expectations. Party leader Jo Swinson even lost reelection in her own constituency.
  • Irish nationalists for the first time won more seats than unionists in Northern Ireland.


326 seats needed for a majority


  • Conservatives learned the lesson of the 2017 election and campaigned on a simple message: get Brexit done.
  • Labour wants to blame Brexit, but that’s not the whole story. It not only lost traditional, working-class voters in the north who want to leave the EU; it also lost more affluent, more liberal voters in the south because of Corbyn’s far-left economic and foreign policies.
  • It’s a mixed night for the Scottish nationalists. They look to be regaining the seats they lost in 2017, but with a Conservative majority in Westminster they are unlikely to get a second independence referendum.
  • What went wrong for the Liberal Democrats: The British electoral system and the party’s policy of stopping Brexit without holding a second referendum conspired to convince many Brexit skeptics that Labour, once it threw its support behind a second referendum, was their best hope of keeping the United Kingdom in the EU. That split the anti-Brexit vote, allowing the Conservatives to prevail in prosperous southern constituencies the Liberal Democrats had hoped to flip.