Trump Sinks to New Low In Responding to Sexual Allegations

The Republican presidential candidate suggests one of his accusers was not attractive enough to assault.

I’ve largely avoided writing about the many lewd things Donald Trump has said about women, because I didn’t think they were (or maybe I did not want them to be) politically relevant.

But when more than a dozen women come forward in a week to accuse the presidential nominee of a major political party of sexual misconduct, it becomes hard to ignore.

We already knew Trump talks about women without respect, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he treated some disrespectfully as well.

He talks about women as though they’re playthings, so it’s not surprising if he thinks they really are.

He is a serial liar, so it’s not surprising he would deny these accusations.

He is a bully, so it’s not surprising he would threaten to sue not only those women who are speaking out but the journalists and newspapers who are reporting their allegations.

But even though we knew all that, I didn’t think a man could sink so low as to refute one woman’s claim of sexual misconduct by insinuating that she wasn’t attractive enough to assault.

“Look at her,” he urged supporters at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida on Friday. “I don’t think so.”

May I remind you this is a seventy year-old man? A grown man. A father and a grandfather. One who is seeking the most powerful political position on the planet.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how sickening this is.