At Long Last, Republicans Abandon Their Nominee

They should never have nominated Trump, but let’s not berate Republicans if they come to their senses.

Some people in my Twitter feed are incredulous that it took particularly lewd comments from Donald Trump about women, made in 2005, for conservatives to abandon him.

On a tape that was published by The Washington Post, the Republican nominee can be heard bragging about groping women. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he said, in what weren’t even the worst of his comments.

Trump apologized, but not before Democrats and Republicans had pointed out what he described was sexual assault.

Even his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, said he could not defend Trump.

Other Republicans have been less forgiving. Check out FiveThirtyEight, which counts dozens of high-level officials withdrawing their endorsements.

Last straw

It seems this was the last straw for many who were uncomfortable with Trump from the start.

Liberals may wonder why Republicans tolerated all the other awful things Trump has said — about women and about just about every other minority, from Muslims to Hispanics to the disabled. And they would have a point. Trump hasn’t exactly been hiding who he is. Anyone who didn’t realize until now what a terrible person he is hasn’t been paying attention.

Then again, better late than never. Let’s be glad something, anything, could convince right-minded Republicans that this man must not be president.