Donald Trump, Putin Appeaser

Republicans accuse Barack Obama of being “weak” on Russia and then nominate an appeaser to replace him.

I’ve written about the mutual admiration between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and the former’s disregard for NATO. Here is a another good observation on the topic from David A. Graham in The Atlantic:

For the last eight years, Republicans have argued that President Obama was naive to attempt a “reset” of relations with Russia and have complained that he appeases international bullies. Discussing the Iran nuclear deal, Senator Tom Cotton, a hawkish Republican, told my colleague Jeffrey Goldberg, “It’s unfair to Neville Chamberlain to compare him to Barack Obama.” Yet the Republican nominee for president is now endorsing appeasement in Ukraine.

In case you missed it: Since he praised Russia’s bombing of American-backed opposition fighters in Syria and called into question the United States’ North Atlantic Treaty obligation to the defense of the Baltic states, Trump has suggested he might recognize Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and argued America needs to restore its relations with Putin.

How inconvenient for all those Vichy Republican hawks who thought Trump would be a “strong” leader.