The Train Wreck That Is Donald Trump’s Campaign

It seems the Republican candidate can’t go a day without saying something stupid or offensive.

I haven’t been writing about the American presidential election for a short while. It’s been something of a relief. Watching the train wreck that is Donald Trump’s campaign has stopped being interesting. Now it’s just depressing. It seems the man can’t go a day without saying something stupid or offensive.

Consider, just in the last few days:

  • Trump retweeted a poorly photoshopped picture of Hillary Clinton over a pile of money with a Star of David next to her name from a white supremacist account (these people seem to be drawn to Trump like moths to a flame), then deleted the picture when the inappropriateness was pointed out — and then went back and defended himself in another tweet where he found a six-pointed star on the cover of Disney’s Frozen (I kid you not, it’s like arguing with a child).
  • Trump praised the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for killing terrorists. “He did that so good,” he said. “They didn’t read them the rights. They didn’t talk. They were terrorists. Over.” So we can add another tyrant to the list of villains Trump has said he admires.
  • Trump told Republican legislators in a closed-door meeting that Hispanics “love him” even though polls suggest he would get less Hispanic support than any Republican presidential candidate, ever. Either he doesn’t accept what the polls say or he thinks other politicians are as gullible as he is and can be persuaded with a little swagger. Neither of which would reveal much self-awareness on Trump’s part.
  • Trump told the same lawmakers he would “stand up” for Article 12 of the Constitution, which doesn’t exist. That’s no way to impress people who revere America’s founding document.
  • It’s little wonder then that Trump is raising so little money, that so few elected officials have endorsed him yet and that almost no one of consequence wants to speak at his nominating convention, let alone be his vice presidential candidate.

    Rumor has it Trump is considering Newt Gingrich to be his running mate. Now that made me laugh.