Hillary Clinton’s Email Non-Story Is Finally Over

Some rightwingers will never let this go, but we can.

The FBI has concluded its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state and found that she was at worst careless.

There were a few email chains with classified information in them, but the majority of those were classified after the fact. Just as Clinton said.

Paranoid, but legal

This is the reason we haven’t paid attention to the story at the Atlantic Sentinel. The whole “scandal” sounded like a lot of nonsense from the start and now we know it was.

If you must read more about this, make it Fred Kaplan’s column in Slate.

The bottom line: There was no good reason for Clinton to use a private email server. It reveals she is paranoid. But it was legal and she didn’t mishandle any top-secret information (as far as we know).

Let it go

If only she had accepted responsibility all along, maybe we could have moved on a long time ago.

But it’s also hard to blame her for hunkering down after all the abuse and accusations she’s suffered at the hands of Republicans and their allies in the right-wing media. Some of whom will never let this go.

We can, though.