Clinton Tears into Trump’s Simple-Minded Foreign Policy

The Democrat warns that her opponent could start a war “just because somebody got under his skin.”

Hillary Clinton excoriated her likely Republican opponent for the presidency, Donald Trump, on Thursday, calling the New York property tycoon “temperamentally unfit” to be commander-in-chief.

Clinton — Barack Obama’s first-term secretary of state — dismissed Trump’s foreign policy as “dangerously incoherent.”

“They’re not even really ideas,” she said at an event in San Diego, California, “just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies.”


Trump has rattled the foreign-policy establishment in Washington DC and capitals around the world by suggesting, among other things, that NATO is outdated, South Korea and Japan ought to get their own nuclear weapons, the Trans Pacific Partnership is a “disaster” and climate change is a Chinese hoax.

He also predicts that a Trump Administration would have poor relations with the United Kingdom so long as David Cameron — who criticized Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants from the United States — is prime minister.

By contrast, he has said that he would get along with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, and praised North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un (whose state-run media has called Trump a “wise” man).

Clinton criticized Trump on Thursday for personalizing foreign relations. “He is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes,” she said, “because it’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into war just because somebody got under his very thin skin.”

“Loose talk”

Clinton warned that “loose talk” like Trump’s proposal “alienates the very countries we need to help us win” the war on terror.

A Trump presidency,” she predicted, “would embolden ISIS,” an acronym for the self-declared Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

We cannot take that risk. This isn’t reality television. This is actual reality.

Trump, a real-estate developer and hotelier, gained fame by starring as himself in a television show called The Apprentice.

Clinton continued: “The stakes in global statecraft are infinitely higher and complex than the world of luxury hotels. We all know the tools Donald Trump brings to the table: bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. I’m willing to bet he’s writing a few right now.”

And indeed, Trump tweeted as she spoke, “Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! She doesn’t even look presidential!”