Situation on US-Mexican Border Worsening

America’s southern border is on fire. We have the Mexican government now suing the State of Arizona over its immigration law, which merely upholds and enforces national law — which the federal government refuses to enforce. We have ever increasing kidnapping, murders, theft and violence of every kind along the entire frontier. National Guard troops in Texas seized large caches of weapons from a paramilitary group that was attempting to cross the border. The Mexican government is safely escorting drug runners across the border, into America. And the president can only talk of amnesty and is considering suing Arizona as well?

The border is literally being attacked, both by paramilitary and actual Mexican military forces. In a recent open letter to President Barack Obama, Jon Voight wrote: “You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law abiding citizens.” Unfortunately, he is right. America is moving ever closer to civil war. Never have we been in danger of such an extremity since we battled over the question of slavery.

In the photos are weapons seized by American National Guard troops near the Texas border with Mexico. The symbols on the hats and bags are from an organization called Los Zetas, which, according to Wikipedia, is “a criminal organization in Mexico dedicated mostly to international illegal drug trade and other organized crime activitites.”

This drug cartel was founded by an elite force of assassins from Mexican Army deserters and is now integrated by corrupt ex-federal, state, and local police officers, as well as ex-Kaibiles from Guatemala.

This group of highly trained gunmen was first hired as a private mercenary army for Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. Since the arrest of the Gulf Cartel’s leader […] the two entities became a combined trafficking force, with the Zetas taking a more active leadership role in drug trafficking. Since February 2010 Los Zetas have gone independent and became enemies of its former employer/partner, the Gulf Cartel.

Realize as well that the problem is not merely Mexican and Central American drug cartels. A border this porous entices criminals of all types, including terrorists. The borders are a national-security issue, the most fundamental of government responsibilities.

Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and eventually even the Kool-Aid drinkers of California will have to defend their borders in defense of their lives.


  1. The problem isn’t only drug cartels, but it is the greatest problem, no? All the more reason to end the drug war but until that happens (and I don’t suppose it will any time soon), government ought to fulfill it’s foremost duty and that is protect national sovereignty.

  2. I’m on the Mexican border right now, McAllen, Tx. Pop 500,000. There was a drive by resulting in murder a week ago, not a mile from my house, in the busiest intersection in town. The four shooters ran for Mexico, where they live, and were stopped on the Hidalgo intl. bridge. I think about forty thousand active and reserve troops would be a good start.

  3. This article is the first in two years of surfing this issue I have seen mention of civil war. Our current conditions mirror some of those in 1864. 1857 The US economy tanked just like today. The insurance company holding the loans given to wild railroad construction went broke. Since the south’s banks used human beings as collateral for loans they remained more stable. US pressure to convert the slave collateral banking heated up with SC resisting since all wealth built on slavery would disappear. Fed gov passed a tax and SC Nullified all federal laws. Nullification was the process which later became secession. Mexico was all the way up to Kentucky and Americans settled in Texas became subject to Mexico’s emancipation of slavery. The point I am making is the civil war was a process of banal neglect, greed, immoral sanctions, corruption, a banking crisis, etc, etc with the states gradually making more serious demands and threats toward each other. Arizona is de facto seceeded already. One more point–when federal troops invaded the corrupt plantations of the South all slaves were confiscated and recorded by the federal gov as “property of war”. AS in the current conditons government and vested interests will go to great lengths toward making sure they look piously noble. May I ask…we are called the UNited States…where and on what are we united about? My congradulations to the author for having such keen insight into the seriousness of our problem in no longer having any viable influence for Liberty in a disrepresented unrepublic owned by corporate lobbists. And no, I am not a libertarian…I distrust all and anything political except I still vote. I know! Lets form a commission to study this problem…Find out why Diogenes carried a lit lantern about in the daytime.

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