Challenge from the States

The real challenge in this election will come from the states. The federal government has no idea what’s coming.

American midterm primary elections for November are coming up this month in most states. This election, though not a presidential one, will be pivotal in determining the future direction of the country, perhaps even more so than those of 2012.

The greatest political upset in many generations is about to take place because Americans are mad. It’s not just the jobs or the taxes or the government spending or even the economy as a whole, though that is certainly a part of it. The thing that has Americans most angry is the complete disregard for We the People. Our Constitution is no longer sacred to power hungry politicians and even less so to members of “Crime Inc.,” as Glenn Beck dubs the organized international effort to destroy the world economy and with it, freedom.

There is nothing so fundamentally important to America as the Constitution. It is the standard of freedom, not for a country or for a society or for a culture but for individuals. It declares that individuals deserve equal protection under the law; it reins in the power of government, declares certain rights inviolable and brings peace and prosperity to all who follow its precepts.

But with the federal government tromping all over the Constitution, what hope can there be now?

That is why these elections are so important.

First, in spite of the twisting of words, the American people know exactly who is responsible. People who are part of the problem in the House and Senate will be removed from office. And yes, that means Republicans as well as Democrats. We will still have a progressive Democratic president and most likely a conservative Republican Congress. This means that not much will done in the next two years and that is a very good thing. Government never makes law except when it takes away more freedom and expands the role of government while simultaneously increasing the national debt.

But here’s why having an ineffective federal government for two years will really benefit America. Not only federal seats will be turned over to Independents and Republicans, but so will state governments go from ineffective or progressive leaders to truly conservative constitutionally responsible leaders.

The threat to the federal government and the real change on the horizon will not come from within the system; it will come from the states. The various states, which have already begun to show their teeth to the Feds will gain more and more in power and confidence until their so far halting and disjointed efforts will reach a concerted change in the subservient relationship of the states to the federal government. The Constitution will be resurrected and as it is held up by the states, the federal government will be forced to return to its constitutional role, within the boundaries set by those states with enough guts to take it on.

37 states are having governor’s races this year. There are also state legislators and local officials in towns and counties running for reelection. As these races take place, more Americans are more aware of the fundamental issues at stake than ever before and what’s more, it is in the primaries that their greatest effect will be felt. The candidate with the most constitutionally conservative stance will win in many districts and in many states. States that are strongly Democratic will go Republican or Independent. Those already in the hands of Republicans will change to different, more conservative, Republicans. No candidate running from the left will have any chance in most districts.

The real challenge to the federal government will come from the states, but the federal government has no idea of what is coming. They are focused on national seats in the legislature. They think they have the states under their financial thumb.