Conservatives for Freer Schools

A novel idea from British Conservatives: allow schools to set their own standards. Tory Politico reports that the party intends to put an end to government interference with so-called A Level certificates: the internationally-recognized standard for entry into British universities.

The A Level’s reputation has been on the decline in recent years, leaving the prestige and performance of academics in Britain frustrated. In order to reverse the trend, the Conservative Party promises to take power away from the Department for Children, Schools and Families as well as the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Authority to allow experts with colleges, research institutes and exam boards to decide on the content and structure of exams. According to Shadow Secretary Michael Andrew Gove, they represent the “institutions with the greatest interest in maintaining standards at A level.”

The individuals with the keenest interest in ensuring A levels require the depth of knowledge necessary to flourish at university are our teaching academics.


  1. This is the opposite of what is happening in the US, we become more standardized everyday.

  2. It’s the case in many countries. In my own, there are just a few private schools but there’s politicians from the Left talking about actually outlawing them, because they supposedly promote inequality.

  3. Labour were going tro get rid of private schools but then realised that they’re the best in the country. I expect they’ll try it again next time they get into power, too.
    Standards in education aren’t a bad thing, they help us gauge the capability of the populace and they give employers and universities a common benchmark when taking in applicants, they’re quite functional really.

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