Forgotten in the Health Care Debate

Proponents of health-care reform in the United States obviously have the patients’ interests at heart. For millions of Americans today, medical treatment is impossible to pay for while the system altogether is growing evermore expensive. The needs of those who can’t afford care are at the forefront, but the wishes of doctors and nurses are […]

Life, Liberty and the Right to Property

Since the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom published by the Washington-based Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal warned that, “Government interventions in financial markets and the automotive sector have raised concerns about expropriation and violation of the contractual rights of shareholders and bondholders” in the United States, it is prudent to explore the necessity […]

Subsidizing Jobs

States are subsidizing jobs, using taxpayers’ dollars to help companies meet payrolls. That’s not something government should be engaged in.

Freeing Children From Government Schools

In spite of ever rising costs and increasingly disappointing results, the government monopoly on education is hardly ever called into question. Education, defenders of the system argue, is too important to leave to the free market. The arguments put forward by those in favor of a state-run system typically boil down to two misleading claims. […]

Crony Capitalism

Russell Roberts and Marta Mossburg discuss the growth of crony capitalism.

Bring Back Brzezinski

On The Daily Beast former New York Times columnist and president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations Leslie H. Gelb suggests that Barack Obama “desperately needs a sweeping staff shakeup to save his presidency.” Gelb is most concerned about White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who, although “a terrific political mind”, lacks the […]

Get Rid of Reid

David Rothkopf explains why the Democrats should replace their Senate Majority Leader. In spite of a ten vote majority, Reid hasn’t been able to get anything done.

Republican Hypocrisy At Its Best

Republican legislators who have publicly been denouncing the Obama Administration’s stimulus measures as fiscally irresponsible privately sought to obtain stimulus money for their home states.