The Afghan Silk Route: A Pipe Dream?

Afghanistan, situated in the heart of Asia, has for centuries been pivotal to international transport and trade. The argument is made today that for Afghanistan to prosper, it has to reinvent itself as the hub of a modern day “Silk Route” connecting Europe, the Middle East, India and East Asia. The future of Afghanistan, once […]

Vying for Influence in Central Asia

The United States appear to be scheduling a greater involvement in Central Asia. They should think twice before immersing themselves in this unfortunate quagmire however, boxed in between the conflicting interests of two former Cold War rivals. EurasiaNet reports that the Pentagon is preparing to embark on a small building boom in Central Asia. The […]

Kyrgyz Government Invites Russian Peacekeepers

Kyrgyzstan’s interim government led by Roza Otunbayeva has asked for Russian military support to suppress violence in the south of the country on Saturday. Dozens were reportedly killed in the city of Osh last week amid confrontations between native Kyrgyz and Uzbek youths. Mass riots in Osh escalated into violence on Thursday night, resulting in […]