Neither Left Nor Right Wins Majority in Spain

Regional parties hold the balance of power in Congress.

  • Neither the left- nor right-wing bloc won a majority in Spain’s Congress of Deputies on Sunday. Regional parties will hold the balance of power.
  • Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Workers’ Party was reduced to second place despite gaining seats. Alberto Núñez Feijóo propelled the conservative People’s Party into first place with 33 percent support, but he doesn’t have a majority even with Santiago Abascal’s far-right Vox (Voice) and the center-right Navarrese People’s Union.
  • For Sánchez to stay in power, he would need the support of Yolanda Díaz’ far-left Sumar (Unite) and almost all regional parties, including the separatist Together for Catalonia.

Congress of Deputies results

176 seats needed for a majority

Senate results

133 seats needed for a majority

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