Rutte Wins Dutch Election, Pro-EU Party Places Second

Mark Rutte’s reelection wasn’t in doubt, but D66’s second-place finish is a surprise.

  • Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal VVD placed first in parliamentary elections in the Netherlands on Wednesday but fell short of a majority.
  • Three or four parties will be needed to form a coalition government.
  • The social-liberal and pro-European D66, which has governed with Rutte since 2017, placed second, pushing Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party into third place.
  • The combined populist right would win more seats than the Labor Party, Greens and far-left Socialists combined. New parties on the left made gains.


Party Ideology 2017 2021
VVD Liberal, center-right 33 34
D66 Social-liberal 19 24
PVV Far right 20 17
CDA Christian democratic 19 15
SP Socialist 14 9
PvdA Labor, social democratic 9 9
GL Green 14 8
FvD Far right 2 8
PvdD Animal rights 5 6
CU Social-Christian 5 5
Denk Immigrants party 3 3
SGP Orthodox Calvinist 3 3
JA21 Liberal-conservative 0 3
Volt European federalist 0 3
50Plus Seniors party 3 1
BBB Farmers party 0 1
Bij1 Multiculturalist 0 1

Possible coalitions

76 seats are needed for a majority

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