Trump Supporters Storm Capitol During Readout of Election Results

President encouraged riot: “We will never concede.”

United States Capitol Washington
Donald Trump supporters demonstrate outside the United States Capitol in Washington DC, January 6 (Tyler Merbler)
  • Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol on Wednesday as Congress was debating the outcome of November’s presidential election.
  • Lawmakers were evacuated from their chambers. Shots were fired inside the House of Representatives. Four people died.
  • Police used teargas and pepper spray to disperse the mob.
  • Lawmakers had been debating a challenge to Arizona’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden.
  • President Trump encouraged the riot in a speech outside the White House, saying, “Our country has had enough and we will not take it any more.” He later called on supporters to leave the Capitol grounds.
  • Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser imposed a nighttime curfew.
  • National Guards from DC and neighboring Virginia were mobilized.