Labour Leadership Election News

Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy qualify for the final voting round. Emily Thornberry is out.

  • Lisa Nandy has won the endorsement of the Jewish Labour Movement, one of the party’s largest affiliated socialist societies.
  • Keir Starmer has been endorsed by most affiliated groups and trade unions, most recently the TSSA transport union.
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey, the most left-wing candidate who is seen as outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn’s ideological successor, has also qualified for the third and final voting round by members.
  • Emily Thornberry fell short.


Candidates needed nominations from either 33 local parties, representing 5 percent of parliamentary constituencies, or three affiliates, representing at least 5 percent of the affiliate membership, to qualify for the final voting round by members and registered supporters.

  • Starmer leads with nominations from 373 out of 647 constituency parties (58 percent) and fifteen of the 32 affiliates (47 percent).
  • Long-Bailey is in second place with 164 nominations from local parties (25 percent) and seven from affiliates (22 percent).
  • Nandy won 72 nominations from local parties (11 percent) and four from affiliates (12.5%).
  • Thornberry was nominated by 31 local parties (4.8%).

The polls

  • Starmer leads with 46 to 32 percent support for Long-Bailey, according to YouGov. In the runoff, Starmer would defeat Long-Bailey with 63 to 37 percent.
  • Long-Bailey places first in a survey (PDF) by LabourList, but they only polled their own readers, who are more likely to be Corbyn supporters.

What’s next?

  • February 21-April 2: Party members, affiliate members and registered supporters vote by mail.
  • April 4: Winner announced.