Brexiteers Come to Terms with Reality

At every point, Europe has called Britain’s bluff.

Euroskeptics in Britain’s ruling Conservative Party are finally coming to terms with the realities of Brexit.

  • They once rejected working out the terms of Britain’s exit before negotiating a trade deal. They have since accept Europe’s timetable.
  • They once suggested Britain could leave without a deal. Now they are willing to make the concessions necessary to avoid a “hard” Brexit.
  • They once ruled out paying an exit bill. Now they are prepared to cough up £50 billion for an amicable divorce.
  • They never during the 2016 referendum campaign mentioned a transition period, during which EU rules and regulations would continue to apply. That now looks inevitable.

It is only a matter of time before hardliners will also accept that the only way to prevent a hard border with Ireland is for Northern Ireland to remain in the EU customs union and single market in all but name.

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