Without Brexit Deal, United Kingdom Would Be Thrown into Chaos

Brexiteers who believe leaving the EU without a deal would not be the end of the world should think again.

British parliament London
Westminster Palace in London, England (Unsplash/Matt Milton)

Brexiteers who believe leaving the European Union without a deal would not be the end of the world should think again. Politico reports that the consequences of a “hard” Brexit could be disastrous:

  • Flights between the United Kingdom and continental Europe will be grounded, possibly bankrupting airlines and instantly ramping up demand for ferries and trains.
  • Ports on each side of the English Channel will be paralyzed by new customs checks, with queues of trucks likely stretching for many miles, clogging roads.
  • Fresh produce, caught in the shipping delays, will rot.
  • Tons of decomposing garbage normally shipped for processing on the continent will pile up in Britain.
  • Patients will have to go without state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics that rely on specialized radioactive materials that cannot be produced in the United Kingdom.
  • Investment bankers will be unable to execute billions in trades. Some financial companies will be terminated as so-called passporting rights expire.
  • Across Europe, thousands of British travelers’ cell phones will begin racking up hefty roaming fees or conk out, showing the dreaded: “No Service.”
  • Millions of Britons in Europe and Europeans in Britain will have their residency and work authorization status thrown into uncertainty.

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