Republicans Have Changed Their Minds About the Economy

Donald Trump’s election has suddenly made Republicans more optimistic about the economy.

Manhattan New York
Traffic is reflected in the glass of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Manhattan, New York, October 23, 2011 (Dave Powell)

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, many of his voters have regained confidence in the state of the American economy.

Gallup finds that there has been a 33-point swing in a matter of weeks.

Before the election, just 16 percent of Republicans said the economy was getting better.

Now 49 percent do.

The percentage of Republicans who think the economy is getting worse has dropped in the same period from 81 to 44 percent.

What a difference an election makes!

The other way around

Democrats similarly regained confidence in the economy in early 2009, when Barack Obama started his first term.

Now it’s their turn to be gloomy.

Before the election, 61 percent of Democrats said the economy was improving against 35 percent who said it was getting worse.

Since Trump’s victory, only 46 percent of Democrats have said the economy is getting better while 47 percent maintain it’s getting worse.