Boehner Has Had Enough, Resigns Speakership

After nearly five years of constant battles with an uncompromising minority, John Boehner steps down.

John Boehner has had enough, and who can blame him?

The Republican leader in the House of Representatives is stepping down next month after presiding over America’s lower chamber for nearly five years.

Throughout, he has had to fend off constant challenges from a purist minority in the Republican Party that seemed more determined to stop him from governing than oppose President Barack Obama’s left-wing policies.

The last few weeks were no exception. Hardline conservatives were plotting — once again — to remove him from the speakership and preparing to deny the entire federal government funding unless Congress cut subsidies for Planned Parenthood, a women’s health organization. Moderate Republicans, like Boehner, rightly feared that if the effort succeeded, the party would — once again — be blamed for shutting down the government and seen as extremist by most voters.

Politico reports that now he has announced his intention to stand down, Boehner will almost certainly force through a spending bill next week that keeps the government open.

Next in line to succeed Boehner is California congressman Kevin McCarthy, the current majority leader.