The Atlantic Sentinel is proud to have partnerships with the following companies and websites.

Global Risk Insights

Global Risk Insights is a world-leading publication for political risk news and analysis.

New Africa Daily

New Africa Daily tells the story of the New Africa.

Rogue Geopolitics

Rogue Geopolitics is the blog of Ryan Bohl, a Middle East and North Africa analyst at Stratfor and an occasional Atlantic Sentinel contributor.

The Corner

The Corner is the only financial and economic website in English which originates in Spain and targets international readers.

The Diplomat

The Diplomat is the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region.

The Westphalian Post

The Westphalian Post analyzes international relations from a realist perspective.

Young Diplomats

Young Diplomats is the first non-governmental diplomatic association with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders.