The Atlantic Sentinel is proud to have partnerships with the following companies and websites.

Geopolitics Made Super

Sometimes understanding why some country is blowing up another, or why it’s blowing itself up, is hard. Not a lot of people make that easier. Geopolitics Made Super aims to break down foreign policy and make it more fun or, failing that, to at least make you get why one nation does something that makes you so, so mad.

Global Risk Insights

Global Risk Insights provides expert political risk analysis for businesses and investors. Its contributors include current and former members of the United States intelligence community, the Obama Administration, the financial industry and nongovernmental organizations.

The Corner

The Corner is Spain’s only English-language financial news website. It provides readers with perspective on the market, economic developments and what’s ahead from voices around the globe.

The Diplomat

The Diplomat is the premier international current affairs magazine for the Pacific region. Since its launch in 2002, it has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in Asia and around the world.

The Westphalian Post

The Westphalian Post publishes reflections on political realism as well as realist foreign-policy analysis.

Young Diplomats

Young Diplomats is an association of young analysts from around the world with a new vision of what international relations are. Their webzine bring a fresh and young perspective to stories that resonate globally.