How to Solve Youth Unemployment

The New York Times predicts desperate times ahead for America’s youngsters. The recession has diminished most of the remaining part-time job opportunities previously available to young people during the summer, “despite a summer jobs program that was paid for through the stimulus package.” The problem is severest in poor, minority communities. “Those are the places […]

What’s a Big Society?

In opposition to “big government” and the British welfare state, the Conservative Party under David Cameron has come up with an alternative approach — “big society.” What does it mean? According to the Conservatives’ website, they favor a society based on “social responsibility and community action.” They promise that under a Conservative government, “charities, voluntary […]

Still Government Motors

General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre boasted in The Wall Street Journel last week that his company paid back its government bailout “in full, with interest, years ahead of schedule.” GM has subsequently began running advertisements promoting its financial responsibility while proponents of the bailouts are yelling, “I told you so!” But, writing for Forbes, Shikha […]

Witch Hunt

A series of Goldman Sachs executives, chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein included, were called to Washington this Tuesday to testify before the United States Senate. The firm is front and center in the Democrats’ quest for Wall Street reform, such as preventing banks from becoming “too big to fail” lest taxpayers once again be called […]

Meltdown in Greece

The crises in Greece sends shockwaves around the world and inspires recriminations everywhere.

Obama’s Bad Cop

Hillary Clinton sounds tough, but her approach to foreign policy isn’t so different from Barack Obama’s.

The Second of November

With Tea Parties and Republican opposition continuing to mount and President Barack Obama’s approval rating hovering near 50 percent, the United States are preparing for a “summer of discontent” that in all likelihood will culminate in a series of crushing defeats for the ruling party in November. The fight for the midterm elections is not […]

Dodd Reform

After two years, Senator Christopher Dodd’s financial regulatory reform bill is finally moving out of committee to be brought to a vote on the floor of the Senate. Both the Connecticut senator and the banking committee’s ranking Republican, Richard Shelby of Alabama, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press this Sunday to state their intentions. Dodd […]