Dutch Election Too Close To Call

For the first time in almost a hundred years, the Dutch right-wing liberal party may emerge as the country’s largest parliamentary faction from Wednesday’s election. But as results poured in on election night, the liberals were unexpectedly engaged in a fierce struggle for power with Labor. The outcome was anticipated by preelection polls which had […]

Europe Braces for Spending Cuts

While the Greek debt crisis and subsequent decline of the euro continue to worry investors around the world, the people of Europe are preparing for severe austerity measures, and not just in the troubled south. With hundreds of billions of euros pledged to stabilize the common currency, European leaders are forced to make major cutbacks […]

Dutch to Quit JSF?

The Labor Party in the Netherlands supported a parliamentary effort to end Dutch participation in the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

Saving the Euro

Bending the rules of euro management, European leaders and finance ministers agreed to an unprecedented effort to guarantee the stability of the eurozone with loans adding up to nearly $1 trillion (or €750 billion) this weekend. In spite of the multibillion euro rescue package previously pledged to Greece, investors continued to worry about the unsound […]

Cold Response

NATO forces exercise north of the Arctic Circle to test cold weather operations and interoperability.

Dutch Ask, Dutch Tell

Retired US Marine Corps General John Sheehan’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee of March 18 caused quite a stir on both sides of the Atlantic last week. Sheehan was asked to remark on the proposed repeal of the American military’s infamous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which allows gay men and women to […]

Dutch Government Collapses Over Afghanistan

The governing coalition in the Netherlands was brought down Saturday, unable to bridge a divide between Christian Democrats and socialists over whether or not to keep forces in Afghanistan after 2010. For the fouth time, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende had to announce that a government of his had come to its end prematurely. His […]

Losing Iceland

By insisting that Iceland compensate former Icesave clients, Britain and the Netherlands are failing to think ahead.