You’re So Vain: Americans and Britain’s EU Referendum

Barack Obama
American president Barack Obama speaks on the phone in the Green Room of the White House in Washington DC, March 18 (White House/Pete Souza)

There’s been a tendency the last few days in the United States to make Britain’s EU referendum about America. Commentators are wondering what this will mean for Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions, given that his nativist platform isn’t too dissimilar from the leave campaign in the United Kingdom. They wonder what it effect it will have on transatlantic relations, given Britain’s “special relationship” with the United States.

Some of this is self-indulgent, some of it makes sense.

Perhaps the best reflections on what Britain’s decision to leave the EU means for the United States come from Walter Russell Mead in The American Interest.

He writes that the island nation’s exit is a blow to the West as a whole. Read more “You’re So Vain: Americans and Britain’s EU Referendum”