Style guide

Please respect the following style and spelling rules when you submit a story to the Atlantic Sentinel.


Use the American English spelling.

Spell out numbers up to 21 as well as large round numbers. For example: More than sixty million Americans voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, giving him 206 electoral votes.

For percentages, use numerals and spell out “percent.” Omit the 0 if less. For example: Britain’s economy contracted .3 percent in the last three months of 2012.


Capitalize all words in the title except: and, but, for, or, articles and prepositions.

Italicize the titles of publications, including albums, books, films, magazines and newspapers. For example: The New York Times.

Titles of articles, songs and TV episodes take quotation marks.

Also italicize foreign words except geographical entities and names.


Avoid hyphens where possible. For example: policymaker, not policy-maker.

Em dashes, which are formed by typing two hyphens, take additional whitespace on either side.

Do not use the serial comma before the conjunction in a series. For example: Germany, France and Italy are the three largest economies in the eurozone.

Abbreviations and acronyms usually do not require periods. For example: CEO.


We use abbreviations for most terms that are longer than two words or when the abbreviation is (more) commonly used.

For example: The United States — avoid the USaccount for nearly 73 percent of defense spending in NATO.