Sometimes understanding why some country is blowing up another, or why it's blowing itself up, is hard. Not a lot of people make that easier. Geopolitics Made Super aims to break down foreign policy and make it more fun or, failing that, to at least make you get why one nation does something that makes you so, so mad.

2016 in Geopolitical Review

2016 was a good year for authoritarians and delivered blow after blow to liberal democracy.

Aleppo Has Fallen. Now What?

Now comes the time for battle against the remaining jihadists, coupled with Turkey’s war against the Kurds.

What Just Happened in America?

America did not change. It was manipulated by a minority that seeks a return to autarky and America First.

After Mosul Falls, What Then?

The Iranians, Russians, Saudis and Turks are all jockeying for influence in Iraq while America looks on wearily.