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The Atlantic Sentinel is a transatlantic opinion website, edited by Nick Ottens. Our goal is to help American readers make sense of European politics and vice versa.

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The Atlantic Sentinel resists sweeping change. We believe the center must hold and that progress is made incrementally.

Our social views are liberal, but we sympathize with cultural conservatives. We value individual liberty as well as a sense of belonging and believe the challenge in our politics is finding a balance between those needs.

We are confident free enterprise and free trade have proven themselves over dirigisme and protectionism, but we see a role for the state in providing for the common good.

We recognize that states act in their own interests, but we don’t believe that international relations are zero-sum. We support liberal institutions which regulate the affairs of nations.


The Atlantic Sentinel has endorsed:

We also called on the British to vote to remain in the European Union in their 2016 referendum.


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